High Level Architecture Design - Servana Platforms

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The following is a simplified architectural diagram of the Servana platform. The diagram highlights the Managed Service 

Platform and how it integrates with the supporting services like the Managed Jenkins Build Service. The diagram is illustrative with elements like security groups and subnets omitted as they vary on a service level. 

Components like the load balancer are shared and the VPC egress gateway. Where we have positioned the S3 buckets in the Managed Jenkins Build Service VPCs it is because access to the bucket is controlled by a role within the Managed Build Service account that would enable connectivity from the Jenkins Controller to the build infrastructure and storage buckets. 

Jenkins Controllers

We offer three Jenkins Controller configurations in small, medium and large. The Jenkins controller runs on dedicated hosts with storage provided by EBS. Storage is encrypted with a KMS key and we use a dedicated KMS key for each customer. Storage including backups and artifacts are encrypted with the dedicated KMS keys.

Jenkins Agents

When a customer requests the Managed Jenkins Build Service we provide a single tenant environment with access to either a Kubernetes Build Service or standard EC2 Build Service. All build agents are ephemeral.

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