Jenkins Build Service Pricing

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The Jenkins Builds Services helps our customers onboard faster. It reduces the management of the agents, and we assist in tuning the way Jenkins builds, considering performance and cost. Building larger projects requires some analysis to identify where resources are required to speed up your build times.

With the Jenkins Build Service, we manage the Jenkins Controller cloud plugins and the build agents to help you balance performance and cost. We support the following;

The foundation of our Build Agent is Ubuntu with SDKMan (link). SDKMan enables you to tune the versions of Java, Maven and Gradle, to name a few. 

  • Docker
  • Ruby, Python3, NodeJS
  • Java (Maven, Gradle, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, Grails etc.)
  • Go
  • C++
  • C
  • Android
  • Legacy JDKS (6, 7, 8 )
  • IOS
  • Windows Visual Basic, .NET
  • Apple macOS / Swift / iOS

For customers interested in building with Kubernetes, we charge 2X the Cost. So estimate EKS or GKE costs and double them. In exchange, we provide image updates and connectivity to your Jenkins Controller plus support.

Agent Costs (USD)
Nano Agent (0.5GB, 2 Cores)$0.013 per hour
Micro Agent (1GB, 2 Cores)$0.025 per hour
Small (S) Agent (2GB, 2 Cores)$0.051 per hour
Medium (M) Agent (4GB, 2Cores)$0.10 per hour
Large (L) Agent (8GB, 2 Cores)$0.21 per hour
Extra Large (XL) Agent (8GB, 4 Cores)$0.43 per hour
2 XL Agent (16GB, 8 Cores)
$0.86 per hour
4 XL Agent (32GB, 16 Cores)$1.72 per hour

Agents are dynamically provisioned, and we charge for usage based on per-minute increments. 

For example, using a Nano Agent for 15 minutes will cost 0.0025 cents.

Add-Ons for the Jenkins Build Service
Storage (GP2)$0.20 / GB
Regional Data Transfer Out$0.20 / GB
Container Storage $0.20 / GB
Network Egress Gateway / VPN Connectivity
Egress Static IP$25 / month 
small$75 / month
medium$150 / month
large$300 / month

Managed Mac Mini Agent Costs (USD)
Small Agent (Apple Silicon M2 8C, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD Storage)$300 per month
Medium Agent (Apple Silicon M2 8C, 16GB RAM, 1TBGB SSD Storage)
$450 per month
Large Agent (Apple Silicon M2 Pro 10C, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage)$600 per month
Extra Large Agent (Apple Silicon M2 Pro 12C, 32GB, 2TB Storage)$800 per month

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